Rules for coupons and restaurant discount in TGI Fridays Restaurants:


  1. We can not combine any discount with each other.
  2. The expire date for a discount is signed on the discount voucher. If there is no date, the expire date means one year from the release of the voucher.
  3. Coupons can not be exchanged to local currency.
  4. We can validate discounts and coupons only before the bill was asked. Please tell you have discount before your waiter gives you the bill.
  5. Non registered coupons can be given to other person.
  6. Registered coupons can not be given to other person.
  7. The special restaurant offers – check down – can not be combined with other discounts or coupons.
  8. You can not compensate service with coupons.
  9. We upload 1 point/112HUF consumption to your RosinterKlub honor application.
  10. You can use your RosinterKlub app at any restaurant visit.
  11. You can use your RosinterKlub points for the given offers.
  12. You can not compensate service with RosinterKlub points.


Special restaurant offers:

–              Happy Hour cocktail discounts (Sunday – Thursday 4-6  pm)
–              Girls Night Out (WestEnd: Monday all day long ; Oktogon: Tuesday all day long)
–              Special group offers.


Discounts, coupons and vouchers:

–              Special discount card given from the General Manager
–              RosinterKlub application