Rosinter card registration

Dear Our Guest,

thank you for often choosing TGI Fridays and Planet Sushi Budapest restaurants. Let us present you with a Rosinter Honor Guest Card. Use your card in our restaurants and load up the 10% of your consumption to your Rosinter Honored Guest Card. If you have enough credits on your card you can use them and have your meal for free. It is a great deal for an Honored Guest!


Fridays & Planet Sushi team

Rosinter card registration

  • The Rosinter Hungary Ltd. is heading to secure your given personal data and use is for only its daily data storage processes. We don't let any third party to have and use your personal data.
    Our Honored Guests are informed about the upcoming news and events about our restaurants. For the newsletter we are using your given email address. If you do not want to get newsletter from us, you can easily describe from the newsletter at the first time you get it.
    We are using the Law 1992. LXIII. and 1998. VI. for the data security processes.